Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday cleaning frenzzy

My house helper is in Florida this week so I had
to get my grand daughter and her friend Sunshine
to help me. I am wore out. 16 year olds have a
limited grasp of cleaning so I had to give
direction. Though Sunshine is very good.
Don't you love that name.
 If you know me that means I cleaned
as much as the girls. My knees are screaming.
I made new fall arrangements by the front
door but first I had to hose down the entrance.
Than wash the windows around the door.
Get rid of all the spider webs.
Recover my outside bench with new fall fabric.
One thing turns into a lot more work.
I bought some new fabrics yesterday in Lafayette.
Apple green, white and black cotton knit for
some T-shirts and tanks. I can never get them
long enough. So I will resort to making them.
So I had to pre wash 15 yards of fabric.
Boy do I whine much but  it fells so good to
have a clean house it just I am too old to
really get it done and  not wipe out.
While Tomorrow is a day of rest I
will recuperate.
Monday will be a new day in the studio.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Lakeshore in the fall

Finished a 11 by 14 art quilt yesterday.
I also finished stitching the larger quilt.
I need to clip threads and stretch it on a
canvas and it is done. I how have 4 pieces
to take to the gallery in Sagatuck next week.
Wolf River, this one, sunset at cedar ridge
and the new 30 by 40 one. Should be a decent
representation. Need a title too.
Looking forward to a few days off.
Tonight is the opening of Indiana Now.
Looking to seeing all my friend in Lafayette.
Printed my coupons for Michael's and Joann's
Need a 30 x 40 stretched canvas. I prefer
to mount my art quilts on canvas.
so much easier to I am set.
 Now to do some clipping of threads.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall is in the air

 The leaves are starting to turn early this year.
Love the colors-Love the smell of fall too.
Like a heady wine full of body.
Yesterday afternoon I went outside AT 4 to
just sit one the porch and enjoy the fresh air.
My husband joined me and we chatted for an hour.
We always spend extra time outside in the fall
we know winter will not be far behind.
 Some vandals tried to bust up my sign but my
husband had used 4 inch screws to put it
together so they only got one of the boards off.
Need to keep the sign up this is how strangers
find me. Artist like to be found at times.
Well the sun is coming up between the pine trees
out my kitchen window. Time to start my day.
Read about Libby's changing condition this morning.
I said a prayer for her. So sad  for such a talented
mind to be in this state. Lets all think of her and
hope for peace in her life and those around her.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leaves of fall

 Made some progress yesterday.
I started to add color it is coming alive now.
Still needs more work and more leaves.
 This quilt needed that pop of color.
Need to refine it now.
I woke up  or should I say I am still trying to
wake up this morning. I need to get it in gear.
I have a full day to work in the studio and I
am wasting it.  Some days are like that it is
just nice to loll around and get a slow start.
This cool weather does that to me,
it feels so good to just curl up in a chair
with a blanket and read. Well I am going to the
studio NOW.

Monday, September 23, 2013


 Well I stitched for 4 hours on the trees and hills.
Now I am ready for the leaves.
This afternoon I spent 3 hours cutting out leaves.
 This one is pleasing me.
Cannot wait to start putting on the foliage.
Color - it need fall colors.
red- orange- yellow- rust
I need to finish this one to take to a gallery in
hopes of getting into the gallery.
I will need at least 3 small one also.
Loving this weather.
Makes me want to cook and sew.
A good combination.