Friday, August 21, 2015

Tonight is the night

 Yesterday I made 4 batches of brownies.
Cut up 2 watermelons and 4 cantaloupes.
I have 2 quarts of dip and 2 big bags of chips.
The car is packed and ready to go.
Tonight is the opening for the Chairs show.
Tomorrow I visit Tommy the Material girl
at her home on the lake and meet some fellow artist.
My husband left early to take our son Mark for his
chemo and radiation treatments the start of 6 
weeks of intensive treatment.
Please put him in your prayers for good results.
He will have surgery after the treatments in 6 to 10 
weeks. He has esophagus cancer.
Life takes some different pathways and we just
have to follow where it leads us.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The last of the photos

 The gate to the beach looking out to Lake Michigan.
I have always liked water.
Lakes, ocean and mud puddles after a summer rain.
When I was 5 my parents would find me sans
clothes sitting in the puddles. Even pins on my clothes
 did not work. I just wanted to sit  bare in the water.
Thanks goodness I have learned to keep my clothes on.
 Maybe that is why I paint and make art about water.
The Wolf River Sunrise is one of my faves.
Than there are cone flowers.
They are one of my favorites too.
 There a few in my show.
Along with lots of sunflowers.
Sunflowers and the Dragonfly.
This one will stay with our family.
Most likely my daughter she like sunflowers too.