Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frogs, Frogs, and more Frogs

 The frogs in the pond have been a source of interest lately.
So far I think I have 6 frogs
 They perch lightly on top of the lily pads.
Sun themselves on the rocks.
Hide under the pads.
 Fun to watch in the morning while drinking my tea on the deck.
 The weather has been perfect.
Cool nights and blue skies during the day.
What a relief after the heat of this summer.
I must turn the frogs into a quilt some day.
I finished sprucing up my wet studio.
Lots more floor space open.
Now to get a plumber to install a sink and faucets.
Perfect  place to dye fabric.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rest in Peace

 My mother went home to be with her Mother Tuesday  morning,
From Friday when the CHF started it was an intense time.
We remember all she gave to us.
The love of cooking,
Fishing in the cold Minnesota waters.
Traveling across the country with kids in tow.
Twice we did a 6 week trek to California .
She painted almost to the end.
Passed the artist gene to me
To my daughter, her daughter too.
Liz started teaching at to MS & HS this week.
What a legacy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birds, Water,and Flowers

 Needed to see something pretty this morning.
Our little pond has given us much pleasure
in the past 12 years.
The birds like a refreshing bath on a hot summer day.
The days are getting shorter.
The nights are cool.
I must take time to enjoy the summer we have left.
Yesterday my nephew Jeff come and sat with me for
the afternoon. We had a great visit catching up.
My sister would have been proud of him.
Enjoy your days may they be a numerous as the sparrows.

Monday, August 13, 2012


My mother will be transferred to Hospice today.
Her body says it is time to go.
We will make her final journey a quiet and peaceful one.
After 3 days in the hospital she has only worsen.
Her heart is wearing out.
Enough it says.
Time to join other family on the other side.
She lost her mother at the age of 2.
Her mother and new baby brother.
There was a tornado 
 they did not make it down into the shelter.
Now 90 some years they will reunite.
I have been taking quilt books with me to read
in the hospital as I sat by her side.
The nurses all are curious about quilting.
Yesterday I wore a discharged black shirt
with a pattern of ferns and Solomon seal on it.
That was a hit with the staff.
I explained how to do it.
I better gather some more books and
look for another interesting shirt to wear.
I need to be off early to meet with her Doctor.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday morning.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
Cool, sunny and blue skies like fall.
Wish they all could be like that.
Spent the afternoon at the hospital.
Keeping my mother company.
She is 93 years old.
I will be going back in a couple of hours.
CNF is not fun to watch but they are keeping her comfortable.
The hospital used to have the best recliners
but they got new furniture.
Modern sleek but at least well padded.
My daughter was working again yesterday.
Nice to see a friendly face well waiting.
Monday my grandson Brad moves back to College.
This time he will stay there permanently.
His father is dreading this.
I told my son at 20 years of age it is time.
We are supposed to train them to leave.
He will come and help us one more time
Monday. I will miss his strong back.
It was fun cooking him good lunches.
Homemade pizza, chili cheese dogs, watermelon,
and bing cherries  were his favorites.
This summer he has trimmed all the shrubs and trees.
Pulled a few that were not supposed to come out.
But hey I cannot do it anymore so whatever.
Except for the 4 volunteer oak leaf hydrangeas I
had promised to a friend. Oops.
I will find something else to give her.
There is plenty to share.