Friday, May 15, 2015

Mary Ann Van Soest
Fiber Artist

Meet the Artist Reception
Sunday, May 17 - 1:30 pm

Following a 30 year career as a successful real estate broker, Van Soest knew she wanted to spend the next 20 years fulfilling her passion creating art. Her new journey began as she explored different art mediums. Through that exploration she experimented with different ideas and crafted her art with unusual elements. She has been the recipient of many awards for not only her paintings but her breathtaking art quilts.

Using hand dyed fabrics, acrylic paints and photographs on fabric, Van Soest creates stories about nature that draw the view into her world. Her passion for trees and water are shown in many of her works and her life spent on a farm in Jasper County and travels are her inspiration.

Van Soest was recently awarded the Helen V Surovek Memorial Award at the annual Salon Show at South Shore Arts. In addition to exhibiting both locally and nationally, her works can be found in galleries in Indiana, Ohio and Montana.

The exhibit will be on display through June 25.
About Us
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New work in progress

I finally started the first of 9 larger art quilts
I need for my solo show in August.
The idea taken from a photo I took at the shore
of Lake Michigan.
It felt good to start a new project.
But I am fighting health issues and a busy
I set up a solo show in Valparaiso on Friday.
Wednesday I pick up some works from another
venue to use for the solo show.
Yesterday I gathered some things together and
was surprised that I had 19 pieces so far to use.
I guess that means I am building a body of work.
Well now off to the dentist to get a tooth pulled.
Such fun.