Saturday, August 15, 2015

More of the chairs show.

 I sit here eating plain yogurt with honey and
enjoying the fact that the week-end is here.
We have a baby shower today for the new baby
Liz and Scott are expecting.
As usual I have been buying things for the last
4 weeks.  Only one thing from her list.
 I found the cutest winter bunting for only $16  on
Amazon. It was a North face.
I hate to waste money on wrapping paper so I
made a flannel crib blanket to use as paper.
 I hope you are enjoying the Chairs show.
Relaxing as you see the different ways I 
interpreted the ides of relaxation.
 The bench and sofa table were made by Chris Boon
a talented wood worker. I upholstered the bench.
We love the north woods in our family and it
holds fond memories.
I end the day with a  more contemporary chair quilt. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More relaxing at the Chairs show.

 This lovely chair art quilt will go home with my daughter.
She loved the colors. I always give her first pick
of quilts she likes so some of them will stay in the family.
 A little snow bird hiding in the corner.
 Relaxing on the lake.
Watching the sun set.
 Old trucks and old cars fascinate me.
More sunsets on the water.
The opening reception is August 21st at the TAF
gallery. Come and see us. Never enough art in our lives.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Finally the Chairs show is up.

 Yesterday I did the finishing touches on the show
and met with the reporter from the news paper.
One of the focal chairs with a orange Fassett fabric
crazy quilt pillows looking fresh against
 the white wicker.
 Chairs need pillows so I made a set of red K. Fassett
pillows in reds and paired them with some red chairs.
 This fall painting  started the north woods section.
Boats, old rusty pick ups and birds.
This old chair from my grandfathers chicken coop
looks good dressed with a Ralph Lauren print.
 Some more of the fabulous K Fassett  but this
time in Blue. In the center of the pillows  is a
peacock print Wanda Hansen gave me.
Sharing the space are some cone flowers on fabric.
In the coming week I will share more of Chairs.