Saturday, August 15, 2015

More of the chairs show.

 I sit here eating plain yogurt with honey and
enjoying the fact that the week-end is here.
We have a baby shower today for the new baby
Liz and Scott are expecting.
As usual I have been buying things for the last
4 weeks.  Only one thing from her list.
 I found the cutest winter bunting for only $16  on
Amazon. It was a North face.
I hate to waste money on wrapping paper so I
made a flannel crib blanket to use as paper.
 I hope you are enjoying the Chairs show.
Relaxing as you see the different ways I 
interpreted the ides of relaxation.
 The bench and sofa table were made by Chris Boon
a talented wood worker. I upholstered the bench.
We love the north woods in our family and it
holds fond memories.
I end the day with a  more contemporary chair quilt. 

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