Friday, May 24, 2013

Water is so calming

I need to look at something peaceful.
My room is chaos hopefully by Saturday afternoon
it will be sorted out. I am just about ready to forget
packing and just buy new when we get there.
Wistfull thinking.
I am almost done.
Just have to hem 3 pairs of Levis for my son.
Find no more than 10 shirts to bring with
for me and get my computer and camera stuff
together and organized.
The first things I packed last week was my
art stuff. After all we must do the most important
things first. Clothing and etc comes last.
Last night is did frost but no damage.
Well this lady is tired and will continue
with the packing another time.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day week-end

 Tonight it is going to be too cold. Hopefully it
does not frost, There is just too much out there
that could be damaged. Gardens, farm fields and
landscaping. My knock out rose is just starting to
bloom. The garden is up and growing, the tomatoes
are planted. Wind just keep blowing al night
and it will be all right.
 I have been super busy getting packed to go away
for a month. I need to make list for everyone who
is taking care of my home, my art and the yard.
I would much rather stay home I am such a homebody.
I have such a comfortable nest with my home,
gardens and studio. What we do for family.
Our adult children and their children are so
looking forward to fishing in Minnesota.
My husband has always wanted to spend
a month there fishing so I must get in the flow.
On this Memorial Day week-end I am thinking
of my mother. Here is a photo of us the summer
before she passed. It is good to remember the
good days when she was still bright and happy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Green Green love the greens of spring.

 Love the green of spring.
Everything is growing so fast just popping out
all over. Lavender and purple with a touch of yellow
is the current color scheme. The rains keep everything
fresh. I have started to pack for our month in Minnesota,
Now I need to pare it down to half. Need to make a
list for the house sitter. Today I will get the paint
for the painter. She will spend 3 days refreshing
our house. Than arrange for the carpets to be cleaned.
 I love this old fence post on the neighbors land.
This past week-end our neighbor released some
quail. Now I hear the bob white calls in my gardens.
I will miss the flowers blooming in June, Beverly said
she will take photos for me. She is such a jewel
she has helped me for over 30 years. I know she
will take good care of my home. I have  been
freezing single portions for her to eat while we
are gone. I need to make her some sweets too.
I know my house will be cleaner when I get home
than when I left it. Such a good friend.