Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day week-end

 Tonight it is going to be too cold. Hopefully it
does not frost, There is just too much out there
that could be damaged. Gardens, farm fields and
landscaping. My knock out rose is just starting to
bloom. The garden is up and growing, the tomatoes
are planted. Wind just keep blowing al night
and it will be all right.
 I have been super busy getting packed to go away
for a month. I need to make list for everyone who
is taking care of my home, my art and the yard.
I would much rather stay home I am such a homebody.
I have such a comfortable nest with my home,
gardens and studio. What we do for family.
Our adult children and their children are so
looking forward to fishing in Minnesota.
My husband has always wanted to spend
a month there fishing so I must get in the flow.
On this Memorial Day week-end I am thinking
of my mother. Here is a photo of us the summer
before she passed. It is good to remember the
good days when she was still bright and happy.

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