Thursday, August 1, 2013


The sun is setting on another day at Cedar Ridge.
It was a sunny and beautiful day.
I am done with painting .
One turned out good , one so so and one bad.
I have wasted enough time on paint and
need to get back to my true love.
Fabric, fiber and thread.
I treated some fabric to print on
and will make some prints in the morning.
My paint rags will make good fabrics for
my next art quilt.
Back to the studio in the morning.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The results of chopping

Thought I would show you some of the results
of chopping up a larger piece. I think the pieces
are better than the whole. 
Adding stitches and objects to the smaller pieces
makes them more interesting. Plus they are more
affordable for the buying public. Most people
use my small pieces for gifts. The cards especially.
Well I am off to the studio for another day of painting.

Monday, July 29, 2013

More stocking stuffers

 These are some more tops for the hot pads I am
putting together for Christmas.
I like and aqua and brown combination.
 I am using all the scrapes from last weeks project.
So far I have hand made scented soaps, some
kitchen utensils and the hot pads for the
ladies stockings.  Getting there.
I  try to be done by November 1.
Than I can enjoy the holidays.

A new week to create in.

I love the cool weather with the windows open
I hear the birdsong and feel the cool breezes. Love it.
I had a nice quiet weekend. Another grand kid
came over to see what the attic would yield for
his college dorm. He is off to Purdue in 2 weeks.
He is studying landscape architecture. Found
several things he could us. The attic and the basement
is like the fishes and the loaves there is always
more. The  kids always call up and say Grandma
can I come and look in the attic for something.
Interesting to watch the younger generation
grow up and achieve their dreams.
Today I will go t the studio to create a
couple of abstract paintings. I am in the
mood to paint today.