Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stitching done.

 The stitching is done and now for the backing
and binding. Ready for SAQA,
Nice not to have snow for once.
The snow is actually shrinking.
I can see the ground under the pine trees.
Just  3 more Saturdays and the weather
should improve. Have a nice weekend.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Vines and leaves

A little research pointed me in the right direction
for the leaves on the vines. Made a difference.
I am ready to stitch the quilt today.
Wow what a windy night and it will continue
throughout the day.
Will be glad when this winter ends. 
I like the color combination in this quilt.
Hopefully the judges will like it also.
I am fortunate that I have the bright colors of
my quilts to keep the gloom of winter at bay.
Well off to the studio.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vines climbing in Michigan

 Rain Rain Rain
At least it will wash away the snow.
Brad got a lot done yesterday The only thing he
couldn't accomplish was because the computer was
too old. Yes Vivian I am so lucky that 7 of my 9 grands
are close. They are so helpful especially changing
light bulbs. Those guys are 6'4" and can change a
light bulb with out a ladder. I cooked a big pot
of chili while he worked and sent some back to
Purdue with him. Really glad to have everything working.
I got a little more work done on the vines but am
not happy with the leaves. I need to research the
leaves of vines. My photo does not give enough
information as to the shape of the leaves.
I have 3 whole days in the studio now and should
make some progress. Have a great day . I will.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little bit of summer

I need a little bit of summer this morning.
Nothing like some yellow flowers.
Yesterday was grocery and massage day. I   
only got an hour in the studio.
Today my grandson Brad is coming to move
my old computer up to my office and make
it talk to all the printers. Than he will install
Elements 9 on it so I can manipulate photos.
Plus both my cell and tablet will not do E-mail
hopefully he can solve those problems.
I also want my laptop to be able to work with
the 2 wireless printers.
Magic to me simple to  22 year old college kid.
Why work my brain when he can do it so quickly.

Monday, February 17, 2014

New quilt start

 Started a new quilt today.
I choose a photo from our trip to Saugatuck last
fall. I loved the vines that climbed 20 feet
over trees and telephone poles. Bright red berries
sparkled in the sunshine. The light green leaves
stood out against the shadows.
 I choose my fabrics  and started on the background.
I got a few vines laid out and will go back to it
on Wednesday. We had another 5 inches of snow today.
Will it ever quit.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


 I photographed my 5 panels yesterday
I will go back to them in 3 weeks.
I noticed something interesting that I
can remove the center panel and it still
works. The left two panels would also
hang together as a unit. So on the whole
it is a piece that can be entered in shows
in several different ways.

I think that I will finish this project by August.
I will keep adding elements to the whole
Now for a day of rest than back to
the studio in the morning. I find that I
need the break that Sunday provides to
refresh my mind.