Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The show begins.

 THE show is hung and ready for the public.
Our art melded together very well.
4 friends showing the world what we do.
I couldn't ask for better company.
 These are some of my favorites.
I am love with one of Dana's paintings and am
resisting the urge to add another painting to my
collection which is growing.
Love the art.
Yesterday I went back to the knee doc and found
out that my knees are shot. So when I decide I am
ready I will need replacements. Maybe in a year.
Ha he said I would decide when I am tired of the pain/
Sounds too drastic now. Too bad our bodies don't last longer.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wolf River finished,

 The Wolf River quilt is finished and hanging
in the Wells Cultural Center in Lafayette,
Indiana. The Gallery Walk will be May 17th.
We anticipate a big turnout. Lafayette is a town
that appreciates art. The inspiration for this
piece came from a photo I took while we
spent a week in Wisconsin at the Cabin In
The Woods on the banks of the river.
Yesterday my grand daughter got more of
 the spring yard clean up done. The plants
are growing fast now. The sweet spicy viburnums
are blooming now. They smell so good. The
lilacs will be next. We are getting a meal of
asparagus a day now. Having a garden is
such a pleasure. To have good clean food fresh
from your own garden is special. Looking
at the new leaves on the oak trees I sense that
the season will fly by and in no time the
leaves will be the colors of fall. Like
the song says Sunrise Sunset Swiftly Pass
the days. The way it goes.