Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sumac Ridge

 Sumac Ridge and Minnesota Hills are going to Des Monies
without me. I hope they enjoy the show.
They will get shipped out on Wednesday.
Minnesota Hills is over at the Farm House in Fair Oaks.
Must make a trip to retrieve it soon.
 I keep finding hints of fall.
A precious leaf here and there.
Sedums full of butterflies.
Vegetation turning brown.
Soon it will be rampart.
I just love fall looking forward to the cooler temps.
I made pumpkin pie today just to get in the mood.
Having a quiet weekend at home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The season is changing.

 We have one more hot week to live through than
the weather is supposed to change to fall like.
My very favorite time of the year.
 It is amazing that the progression of plants and
flowers tell us the weather is changing.
There is beauty in the ending too.
Sedums, golden rod, and red berries.
 Leaves start to drop and the under study comes out.
 The seed pods drop their seeds.
I got an invite to be in another show. 
I have until September 14th to produce a
painting or two. Gets my creative juices flowing.
If I don't have a project I get down.
Thanks for the invite.