Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knee high by the 4th of July.

Indiana knows corn.
Indiana grows good gardens.
I think we are at thigh high already.
The countryside looks so pretty in green. 
                         My husbands garden is lush in the heat of summer.
                         His 99 tomato plants will fill more than 100 jars.
                Five rows of potatoes.
                We will have lots of spuds for winter meals.
                We cook for shut ins.
                That is I cook-he delivers.
                            Sweet corn of different ages for the freezer.
                            Corn and scalloped potatoes is one of our
                            favorite meals to deliver to our friends.
                No Indiana summer would be complete without
                                 Than my favorite. Watermelon.
                                  End of August or  early September.
                                 As one of 6 kids we raised 45 acres
                                 of melons every summer. Weeded
                                 Picked and sold them to pay for our
                                  school tuition.
                                 Smart father also kept us very busy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Purple is the color.

Up or down. What do you think?
I had some time to waste
I had some scraps laying around.
I wanted to practice finishing  the edge.

A new art quilt is born. 

I love the color purple.
Whether is is silk or flowers.
                          It has been raining since 8 pm last night.
                          At least I don't have to water the flowers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dragonfly Summer

This is my SAQA auction donation.
I saw  a dragonfly fly over the pond Saturday.
This inspired my quilt.
Check out the SAQA website for details.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday morning at Cedar Ridge Studio.

A beautiful start to the day.
The sun is rising and birds making noise.
                    My husband finished weeding the garden yesterday,
 The honeysuckle will bloom again this week . The hummingbirds have been impatient for something sweet.
The purple clematis is in full bloom. The goldfish in the pond are happy swimming in circles. The planters are starting to fill in nicely. This is how we start every day sitting on the little deck drinking my morning tea and watching the sun rise. The purple martins swoop and glide over the pond. A perfect beginning to the day.
Yesterday I saw my first dragonfly  flit over the pond and it is the inspiration for my new project. A 12 x 12 art quilt for a benefit auction. Yesterday I found some old paint rags or should I say hand painted cloth. When I paint I clean up by using leftover paint applied to old bed sheets in interesting patterns.
 It makes the best whole cloth quilt material. I added some quilt lines and started on a dragonfly. Using  solvy I  started thread painting a dragonfly. I will finish and mail this off Monday. Have a great day everyone.