Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knee high by the 4th of July.

Indiana knows corn.
Indiana grows good gardens.
I think we are at thigh high already.
The countryside looks so pretty in green. 
                         My husbands garden is lush in the heat of summer.
                         His 99 tomato plants will fill more than 100 jars.
                Five rows of potatoes.
                We will have lots of spuds for winter meals.
                We cook for shut ins.
                That is I cook-he delivers.
                            Sweet corn of different ages for the freezer.
                            Corn and scalloped potatoes is one of our
                            favorite meals to deliver to our friends.
                No Indiana summer would be complete without
                                 Than my favorite. Watermelon.
                                  End of August or  early September.
                                 As one of 6 kids we raised 45 acres
                                 of melons every summer. Weeded
                                 Picked and sold them to pay for our
                                  school tuition.
                                 Smart father also kept us very busy.

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