Thursday, February 18, 2016

Small quilt exchange.

 Each year our group of Internet quilter friends
do an exchange of quilts.
I ordered this 1 yard piece from Spoon Flower.
A wonderful abstract piece.
I proceeded to make 6 little quilts.
 It was a fun project.
 I called my series Under the Sea.
 Each section of the yard yielded a unique quilt.
 The photos are not the clearest.
Later I will show you the last quilt.
My SAQA Auction quilt.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter wonderland

 Finally some snow to make it look like winter,
It covers all the brown and makes a fresh day.
It will be 50 by Friday so it won't last long.
 We will enjoy it while we can.
I think this virus is finally going away.
Today is day 12.
It may be cold outside but inside it is
warm and cheerful. I still have my Christmas
decorations up. Maybe this week I will finally
put them away. I will leave the red flowers out
for awhile though.