Saturday, December 8, 2012


Morning has broken.
I was on my way  to an event and driving pass
the woods on the corner I had to stop
pull out the camera and shot some photos.
The blush of the sun rising behind the trees
caught my eye. We are supposed to get some
snow this week-end. Will make it look more like
Christmas. I am ready.
I leave Sunday morning for my Nancy Crow
workshop. I am still amazed how much stuff
it takes to go to a class. I think I will fill the
SUV to the brim. Looking forward to some
time to myself. Have a great day.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Looking back at Christmas cards I have made
in the past I found this one.
This years card has gotten too large.
When I come back from Michigan I will
alter it to make it smaller.
Its like our Christmas celebration.
My sister and I have a tendency to over do
everything. Too much food-too many presents.
I am almost ready for the Nancy Crow workshop.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon putting my
computer, camera and the new mini printer on the same page.
I was pleasantly surprised that I could install all
the gadgets myself  with no help from the grand kids.
Good for the brain.
Of course the gadgets today are no brainers,
what does that tell you.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter sunsets

The sunsets have been spectacular lately.
Must be the cold winter air.
My husband came home from house building
yesterday and told me the older son brought
a safety harness to the job.
What a relief now the younger son can be tied
to the main beam 24 foot in the air and I
can quit worrying about him falling.
The 44 year old kid always has great ideas
but not much common sense.
Deciding to build this foxy house by himself
afternoons and Saturdays.
I will post photos when it is done.
I will be glad when this house is under roof.
Than the high stuff will be done.
Well I am packed and ready as I will be.
It is amazing what a woman thinks she
need to sew with others for a week.
I will fill my SUV to the brim again.
We will meet for dinner Sunday night and
get to know each other and Nancy Crow.
What a nice touch.
I am looking forward to my week away.
My husband just cannot understand
why I think this will be fun.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is getting closer.

I finally got out my collection of nativities.
I love the colors of this one.
As you can see in the background no snow yet.
Thank goodness.
My youngest son decided to build his own house.
He read a few books.
Good thing his father worked for a carpenter.
Plus his older brother has a strong back.
Yesterday they set the main beam
A 3000 pound giant.
I am glad I did not know they were doing it.
This is really a job for a crane.
But they got it up there.
Braced it good.
than it got really windy.
This morning my husband said "no phone call'
It must have stayed up there.
Now  to set the trusses on a 12/12 pitch.
I wil have an ulcer before this project is done.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas at our house

 Welcome to our house.
Everything is decorated birds and flowers.
Red and White,
I love Christmas.
 Our tree is only 3 foot tall .
just enough for 2 people.
It is a lovely warm day for December 2.
We went to church.
Ate out.:)
Took a nap.
Now to read a book the rest of the day.
A perfect Sunday
My favorite decoration in the kitchen window.
Doing dishes and watching the birds.
Lots of cardinals, chickadees and nuthatches.