Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is getting closer.

I finally got out my collection of nativities.
I love the colors of this one.
As you can see in the background no snow yet.
Thank goodness.
My youngest son decided to build his own house.
He read a few books.
Good thing his father worked for a carpenter.
Plus his older brother has a strong back.
Yesterday they set the main beam
A 3000 pound giant.
I am glad I did not know they were doing it.
This is really a job for a crane.
But they got it up there.
Braced it good.
than it got really windy.
This morning my husband said "no phone call'
It must have stayed up there.
Now  to set the trusses on a 12/12 pitch.
I wil have an ulcer before this project is done.

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