Friday, June 8, 2012

Short n Sweet Today

 A busy day ahead.
Yesterday I tried discharging a couple of shirts.
Took the clippers out to the garden and found some
Ferns, Solomon's seal and Canadian hemlock branches.
Not bad but must watch the drips.
I wonder what it would do on turquoise.
Must try that next.
Its 5 am and I am off to the garden to reset the sprinklers.
New dishwasher coming at 9 plus the
neighbors are coming  to find a graduation gift in the gallery.
I need to add some rusty barb wire to some art before than.
Have a great day.
Last day of chicken chores and garden chores.
The fishermen return tonight.
I really hate chicken chores.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunset at the Ridge

Sunsets  in Indiana are sometimes quiet peaceful things.
I almost finished the Northern lights quilt.
I am doing the binding now.
Took time out to put some fresh strawberries in the freezer.
Time seems to fly by each day.
I need to start the sprinklers in the garden
before I go to the studio.
It is getting dry and it is hotter each day.
The corn and potatoes need a drink.
Yesterday I turned on the soakers on the tomatoes.
I had the local lumber yard print me some
larger prints of my next quilt.
A tranquil water scene I hope to enter in the Q Nationals.
I am surrounded by water ideas here on the Ridge.
I know I am very inexperienced yet  but you never know.
Beginner's luck.
Doesn't hurt to try.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Central Park

 Central Park finished.
6 hours of sewing and fusing.
5 hours of thread stitching to accent the quilt.
Ready to debut at the show in Lafayette.
 Some close up of the details.
Trees reflected in the water.
Off to the hardware store this morning.
I am going to use the hanging method Jane Dunnewold
showed me last week.
Much neater that a sleeve.
Rigid strip of metal at the top with holes in each end.
Either use mono filament or nails to hang.
Attached with Velcro to quilt.
Easy to remove.
It is what this irregular top quilt needs.
Today I finish Northern Lights.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday morning.

 My grandson limbed up the cedar tree so now I have
 a shady place to wash out hand dyes and do discharge.
It is just out the garage door and near a garden hose.
I love the gnarled trunk of the tree.
Thank goodness for grand kids.
It is a beautiful day here at Cedar Ridge Studio.
I spent an hour walking about enjoying the cool morning. 
Someone asked how I could do the landscape quilt in
6 hours. Fusing- goes so fast.
 It still needs to be stitched and
lined which I will do this morning.
Today is a day of finishing the quilts from QSDS

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday moring

My brain is still asleep but I have a busy day ahead.
Today is the day to bring my entries for a new show.
My friend Doris is bringing them for me.
A set of 4 of the Indiana dunes
And my sunset sky art quilt.
Lets see if a traditional art show will accept a
art quilt.
I have decided what I am putting on the 4 by 6 foot canvas
and I will do a 18 by 24 inch art quilt of the same
subject matter.
I need to finish the art quilts done at QSDS.
and least of all
I must not forget to feed the chickens.
They are pretty things,
Off to work.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My least favorite color-magenta

 We were assigned a project of  using our least
favorite color.
Mine was magenta or anything pink.
The quilt above was the result.
I am thinking I will add more contrast
to the reflections.
The fabric below has been over dyed, stamped
and foiled.
These colors are more to my liking.
I really enjoyed QSDS.
It was intense.
The Masters class was interesting to observe.
I think this experience will broaden my way of quilting.
Seeing different styles of art quilting was interesting.
I was able to win the bid for Jane Dunnewold's quilt.
I bought TOO much fabric.
Luscious hand dyes.
Crazy colored T shirts.
Way too much fun.