Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Where was I ?

5 week ago Monday I took a dive to the floor
And bashed my shoulder into the door jam.
We are in quarantine so medical help was off limits
until 2 week ago.

I went to my trusty acupuncture specialist and
my CST Therapist in town.
Slowly making progress.
Real SLOW. 
I gave my Amarylis to my daughter.
Split 24 outdoor pots with my daughter
and grandson. As you can see I am 
going with on succulents.
Less work less watering.
I find dealing with my garden obsession
hurts everything.
Hopefully within 2 month I am back to 
near normal,


  1. So sorry you took this tumble!!!! But good nothing was broken! Holy Smoke! could have been much worse but I'm sure you're still not happy with the results of the fall. Take care and do what therapist says!!!

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