Saturday, April 2, 2016


 A drive through the alley in a small town south
of here on a bright sunny noon time hour
highlighted these  old brick walls.
Interesting texture.
 Alleyways are usually dark but early spring
with the slant of the sun helped light up the space.
 I can see eliminating the pipes and AC this
photo would make a neat quilt.
Or the plain brick wall below used as a back drop
for another quilt.
Lots of ideas 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Looking down instead of up.

 Tuesday was a bright and sunny day. Driving south for
my regular Tuesday massage I noticed all
 the great shadows cast by the big trees.
Then I realized this was the first time I took my camera
out so shoot for 6 months. I was finally seeing again.
 So I took the back roads and alleyways and got
some great ideas. It is good to be back in my creative
mode. The shadows were especially striking on
the pavement.
 I usually take photos during the golden times.
Early morning and late afternoon.
But noon early spring is a good time too.
You all know I love trees.
I will show you and building photos next.
Never knew alley ways were so neat.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016



 I like old barns. When I see one I try to get a photo.
Most of them disappear forever.
So I keep my record of barns.
 This one is wrapped on one side to store hay.
 This one was torn down the end of the summer.
This one is still being used.
Time to travel the roads and look for some more barns.
I have a spare hour between appointments today
I will take my camera with and find some more outbuildings
to save.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

 We had a pleasant day with the family.
As usual my daughter is an awesome cook.
Her husband too. He smoked a ham.
She made beef and noodles , escalloped potatoes
and beans from the freezer(garden 2015).
They tasted just like fresh picked.
Little Daniel was too tired to take his nap.
He wanted to be part of the group.
 This is a small quilt Lynn has and it reminded
me that I need to make her another one.
She will be back from Arizona soon.
 A little grouping  in by bedroom to please my eye.
The piece below remind me the birds are busy
making nest. Doctor appointments and the dentist
are keeping me from the studio.