Saturday, September 21, 2013

The new project

Well it is another landscape.
I am up to the point of adding leaves.
Taking photographs as I go helps me correct
color and composition problems.
I should have made the hills in the background shorter.
Not quite happy with the composition.
Now to decide if I want green foliage or
fall colors for the leaves.
It was a beautiful cool day. Blue skies and sunny.
I spent some time taking photographs.
The pine trees were full of dew drops.
Love the sun shinning through pine needles.
The Autumn joy sedems are nice now.
I was happy to get 4 hours in the studio stitching.
Have a nice week end all.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Time flies

 Seems like it was just yesterday that we were in
Minnesota. 3 months has flown by and these
little ducks are probably ready to fly south
Soon the leaves will turn and fall .
Looking forward to January than I get 4 months
of usually uninterrupted studio time.
Time to turn fabric into art.
Tonight is opening of the FibR show.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in
the group I missed the last 2 meetings.
Yesterday I got  a fair amount of progress done
on my newest art quilt I will photograph it and
show you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Painting of a painting

 This was another clever winner at the Salon Show.
A painting of the back of a painting.
You never know what will catch the judges eye.
Finally got back in the studio yesterday afternoon.
I warmed up by making some more hot pad art quilts
I have 5 sets now only need 6 more.
Theses will be good stocking stuffers.
A good use for an art quilt at least practical.
Art in the least expected place.
Today I will work on another landscape quilt
Time to get down to business.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red Berries

 When I got home exhausted on Monday from
Lafayette this was waiting for me at the mail box.
Carolynn McMillan from SAQA was the creator of
this beautiful piece. I think it is the best of the lot.
I forgot about being tired and just studied it.
The colors are rich, the stitching is awesome.
She is truly an artist. I am so glad I was the wining
bidder last week..I will enjoy it forever.
Go over to the auction and check out the art. 
Today will finally be a studio day.
Thank goodness.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Horse ( Quilt ) Trading

 Yesterday the FibR group hung the new show at
TAF Gallery. It was interesting watching some
very strong and mature women agree on where
everything went. I enjoyed the show.
The show is spectacular. I have 3 pieces in it.
While I was there I admired Anita Krug's quilt
that we did not have space for.
So we ended up deciding we would trade.
her quilt for my Central Park.
What a good deal for both of us.
I have always admired her work.
Her color sense is spot on .
Construction is meticulous. Neat.
Now to find a spot for it in my growing collection.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

70th annual Salon Show awards

 This is my award winner.
I was totally surprised to receive a patron award
and a check for $500. It was always been on my
bucket list to get in this show. To get an award
is awesome. There were only 2 fiber entries accepted.
 My mentor in art the past 4 years and head of the
St Joseph art department Bonnie Zimmer also got
a check and the merit award for her Corn Goddess.
She has such a creative mind the students are fortunate
to have her as an instructor.
The best of show and a $2000 winner is this one.
The Book Tree.
I loved it and agree with the judge.
Awesome use of old books.
Well I am exhausted after a marathon cooking
session yesterday and a full day on my feet today
my body is screaming. I will do more tomorrow.