Sunday, September 15, 2013

70th annual Salon Show awards

 This is my award winner.
I was totally surprised to receive a patron award
and a check for $500. It was always been on my
bucket list to get in this show. To get an award
is awesome. There were only 2 fiber entries accepted.
 My mentor in art the past 4 years and head of the
St Joseph art department Bonnie Zimmer also got
a check and the merit award for her Corn Goddess.
She has such a creative mind the students are fortunate
to have her as an instructor.
The best of show and a $2000 winner is this one.
The Book Tree.
I loved it and agree with the judge.
Awesome use of old books.
Well I am exhausted after a marathon cooking
session yesterday and a full day on my feet today
my body is screaming. I will do more tomorrow.

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