Saturday, October 19, 2013

Crab apples

 Yesterday I took a ride to get some fall photos.
I went to the library to get some new books for
the week-end. Traveling to the end of the street
I found this crab apple tree full of bright red
apples. Quite an inspirations for a quilt.
 Since I bought the quilt at the SAQA auction
that was a study of red berries I am finding
red a interesting color to consider for quilts.
I worked on Dana's quilt this afternoon.
I should be able to start quilting it on Monday.
Well have a nice week end. :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Some studio work today.

 I got these two 16 x 20 abstracts mounted onto
canvas. They are more of the painted canvas
series. Slashed and stitched back together and
slashed again. I haven't decided if I like this
process but it is addictive. I took Katie PM;s
class in Grand Rapids and she introduced me
to this technique of painting canvas for a fabric.
 Finally I got started on Dana's quilt.
I am liking it so far I do see some changes to make
though I like to print it out and take the marker
pin to it for corrections. I find that works really
well. I am finding it is taking longer to recoup.
Driving a car is not good yet. I am still having
headaches. Hopefully another week will improve
my mind and body. Good thing the brain
can recharge itself. Face still is black, blue and yellow.
I did accomplish something in the studio this week.
I have 30 quilt cards done for the holiday shows.
I have my art together for the show the 2nd week
end of November. Just when I thought I could take it
easier I got an E-mail that the Ohio Craft Museum
has sold 10 of the 14 items I mailed them 5 week
ago and they want more. Good news.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

4x6 card quilts for Christmas Shows

 Well I did get into the studio for a couple of hours.
I started some 4x6 art quilts that will go into
greeting cards. I usually cannot keep up with the
 demand for these. During the year I use them myself
for Birthdays and Anniversaries,
 I am liking the ones with purple in the background.
Looks like distant mountains.
As I looked at them I think I need to make this into
a 12 by 36 art quilt too the panorama is nice.
Maybe a larger on for my friend Dana.
I must get hers done it was on my list for this week.
Than I fell and got sidetracked.
 Today I will add the stitching and will have 20 small
quilts for the Holiday shows by the days end.
Time to get it in gear.
Time is a wasting.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coming around

Sorry to have been absent but I was not with it.
I am finally coming back into focus.
At least my brain is.
I just might get back in the studio this morning.
Slow but sure.
Glad to be back.
Now to get that morning cup of earl gray tea.
Have a great day.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Went to the emergency room 3 times this weekend. Oy.  I was told this sketch wasn't showing on here.  Par for the course this week.  Watercolor in a moleskine.  Uniball micro pen.
I Spent yesterday in the emergency room after getting my
feet tangled up in the garden hose and falling on my face
on the driveway. I have two spectacular black eyes and
a fat lip. Not a pretty sight. How fast something like this
happens. My cat scan was clear nothing broken just
looking ugly. This will slow me down a bit.
Well back to the sofa and the ice pack.