Wednesday, October 16, 2013

4x6 card quilts for Christmas Shows

 Well I did get into the studio for a couple of hours.
I started some 4x6 art quilts that will go into
greeting cards. I usually cannot keep up with the
 demand for these. During the year I use them myself
for Birthdays and Anniversaries,
 I am liking the ones with purple in the background.
Looks like distant mountains.
As I looked at them I think I need to make this into
a 12 by 36 art quilt too the panorama is nice.
Maybe a larger on for my friend Dana.
I must get hers done it was on my list for this week.
Than I fell and got sidetracked.
 Today I will add the stitching and will have 20 small
quilts for the Holiday shows by the days end.
Time to get it in gear.
Time is a wasting.

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