Saturday, October 6, 2012

Colors of fall

We had a celebration of our art league's 40th anniversary.
Last night was a gala night at the gallery.
40 years ago myself and 20 or so others including
my mother got this organization off and running.
I had forgotten I was one of the founders.
The show looked amazing.
Judy Kanne does a really great job of hanging shows.
She has a really good eye for placement.
The perfect curator
Judy was the first president of our group 40 years ago.
My friend Doris who will be 91 next month was
also part of the original group,
She was there looking classy as usual.
Count down to surgery Wednesday.
I will be glad to have my knee fixed.
It has put a damper on my doing art
 with the studio in the basement.
I will put together small things I can work
on upstairs while I recover. Monday I will have
my grandson bring it all upstairs for me.
Now to make one more batch of soup.
Homemade mushroom today.
Maybe a apple pie to for my husband
for putting up with me.
It is a beautiful day so I think
 I will take the camera and go to Valparaiso
for some photos of trees.
The colors are so intense close to Lake Michigan.
Good excuse to eat out.
Have a great week-end.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting ready.

 Well I am almost ready for my knee surgery Wednesday.
I thought if I am hanging near the house I may as
well make it look pretty . Something cheerful to look at.
I have 2 weeks of meals ready in the freezer,
10 day worth of stretchy slacks.
I figure washing clothes is beyond my husband.
I bought paper plates and plastic glasses.
Really this man does nothing domestic.
I don't know why people bring food to shut ins
I think going to their house and doing the dishes,
running the vacuum and doing some laundry is
much more practical.
My daughter gave me some supplies from her
sewing room that included these threads.
I have never seen this brand before.
Are they antique.?
Love the gloss of them.
They will be great on art quilts.
Today I will bring some supplies up stairs to work
on while I am laid up. I figure I can get ahead on
making quilt cards. Fusing and hand stitching will work.
I also need 15 packs of photo chard for Christmas stockings.
I figure I will be able to do the stairs within 10 days.
Well off and running for the day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Drinking the last of summer.

The gardens are full of purple asters.
and Bees.
Searching for the last taste of summer.
Our weather in about to turn cold here.
I have noticed that the humming birds have left.
This kind of weather makes me want to spend
weeks in the studio.
Ideas are dancing through my head for art quilts.
Usually this doesn't happen until January.
Feels so good to have the muse back.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Finally an new art quilt.

 Finally after 2 and half months of health, family
and health issues a new art quilt. I was starting
to wonder if the muse had left me.
This is Winter sunset in Indiana.
Painted and stitched on batik fabrics.
I completed it on Friday and Saturday.
Getting ready for knee surgery next Wednesday.
 I will plan on being back in the Studio by the following
I am setting goals.
I wish I could forget surgery but the knee tells me
it is time to fix the problem.
I am off to the studio to set up for dyeing fabric
for Nancy Crow's December class in Michigan.