Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting ready.

 Well I am almost ready for my knee surgery Wednesday.
I thought if I am hanging near the house I may as
well make it look pretty . Something cheerful to look at.
I have 2 weeks of meals ready in the freezer,
10 day worth of stretchy slacks.
I figure washing clothes is beyond my husband.
I bought paper plates and plastic glasses.
Really this man does nothing domestic.
I don't know why people bring food to shut ins
I think going to their house and doing the dishes,
running the vacuum and doing some laundry is
much more practical.
My daughter gave me some supplies from her
sewing room that included these threads.
I have never seen this brand before.
Are they antique.?
Love the gloss of them.
They will be great on art quilts.
Today I will bring some supplies up stairs to work
on while I am laid up. I figure I can get ahead on
making quilt cards. Fusing and hand stitching will work.
I also need 15 packs of photo chard for Christmas stockings.
I figure I will be able to do the stairs within 10 days.
Well off and running for the day.

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  1. If I remember right, most Corticelli is silk, or at least all the spools I have are.Really nice threads.