Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time for another landscape quilt.

 I think it is time to start something new.
This photograph will be my inspiration.
The rolling verdant hills of Minnesota.
One of my favorite places.
Today I will finish putting the binding on the
raffle quilt. It is a beautiful day to sew.
I planted some Shirley poppies and marigolds
outside my studio window to have a spot of
color all summer long.
Saturday a day of slowly taking it easy.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Raffle quilt

 I got the raffle quilt back from Cotton Corner and
they did a great job. Now I just have to bind it and
I can deliver it to them next week. This is a fund
raiser for the Chesterton Art Center.
 I love the colors and will bind it in brown.
It is so beautiful outside that it is hard to keep
my nose in the studio. I got all my planters around
the house done now just to let them grow.
I went colorful this year yellow, purple, red, blue.
Lots of variegated foliage too.
I even put a pink  bougainvillea in one pot.
Well of to the studio to bind the quilt.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cool Hand Luke

Busy day.
Todd Luke of Cool Hand Luke came today
to wash my windows.
My grandson Brad came to work in the flower beds,
I was busy. Moving things out of the way
of the window man.
He actually takes the triple track storms apart
to clean them.
In the yard I think one more pick up of mulch
and we will have conquered the yard,
Clean windows are nice.
Its nice to have a grandchild(man) around
too. A chance to visit and enjoy their company.
Now early to bed.
I am tired.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pretty in purple.

 I do love the color purple.
Right now the garden has lots of purple.
From the iris to the gazing ball.
 I got Gwen Marsten's book Minimal Quiltmaking.
Read it cover to cover this week-end.
Loved the book and loved the quilts.
Especially the pale colors in the chapter
on minimal color.
They remind me of sunsets and sunrises.
the insides of flowers and other things
soft and pretty.
I see some of this in my future.