Saturday, April 9, 2011


Some of the latest pottery.
This beauty will have a pine needle coil added to the top.
Love the leaf pattern and the colors.
 Wet newspaper resist made the pattern on the next 2 bowls.
I really like the earth tone colors.

 The next 2 forms were throw by Doris Myers
and glazed by me. She came over to show me how to throw.
What perfection for an 89 year young potter.

This little bowl has wax resist pattern
Love the touch of red.
The green pair Adam & Eve are slab
construction with a leaf & branch texture.
The bottom 2 photos show great texture.
Leather knots will accent this pot.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Almost Done.

I worked on the last of the series of three today.
Just a few more fence posts.
A stone wall to build.
I need to add the hand sewn thread embellishment.
Than I will be done.
 I will be glad to finish these.
My attention span is not usually this long.
If you know what I mean.

Friday if the rain finishes by noon we will Raku fire.
Friday is a long day in class usually from 9 am to 3 pm.
I pack a sandwich and a bottle of water for lunch.
With the price of gas one trip to school a week is enough.
Saturday we are going to work on the yard until noon.
The yard usually takes 2 weeks to get in shape.
It takes me all summer to get in shape.

A little quilt or two.

Needed a break to make something little yesterday.
Love the colors and the glitz.
 Almost looks like spring with the lime green.
One of my favorite colors.
Back to the two larger thread stitched quilts today.
I started the kiln on a bisque fire at 6 this morning.
Hopefully the rain holds off on Friday to do some Raku.
Can't wait to show you the results.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Test firing new glazes

64 Tiles & 29 bowls later.
Some of the test glazing I did last week.
So far I have spent 6 full days on this.
A lot of information to work from.
Some turned out too pale.
Had too many blues.
All in all a good start.
 The ones below are too pale.

I like the one on the left & the right.
These are Chris Wolff glazes .
Plum, Blue and Oatmeal.
They look great by themselves
and even better in combinations.
 I like the combination of the stripe bowl.
These glazes will be nice dipped on bowls.
 These will definitely be part of my base glazes.

 Love the splatter with the Wolff glazes.
 You can see why this is my favorite so far.
 I also tested some Amoco Potters Choice.
They are good glazes but pricey.
I will continue to formulate my own glazes.
More glaze for less money.

I really like the deep brown black on the top left.
The rust on the bottom left is good too.
Today I will bisque raku pieces to prepare for Friday's firing.
Monday I made a bunch of pins, beads and small forms to apply to paintings.
Next I will mix a matt black for Matt at school.
Young people seem to love black.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Starting 2 new quilts.

The painting that inspires the quilt
The beginning of the process.
Fusing the batiks to the thermolon base.
Doing the base quilting for texture.
Now on to the detail and embellishment with thread.
I am using Artfabrik's thread #12 burnt marshmallow
It makes the best tree trunks.
The inspiration for the second art quilt.
Combining quilting and paint  makes for a good start.
I just love this scene. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
I ordered a some new colors form Artfabrik for this quilt.
I hope to finished these this week.
Than I will go back to the silk quilt dreamscapes.
That is between glazing and firing the kiln.
I will fire Tuesday & Wednesday.