Saturday, May 18, 2013

Successful opening.

The opening was last night of our show
In Harmony with Nature.
It was a success people loved the combined work
of us 4 friends. The art blended so well.
I sold 10 small ones and could have sold 10 of
the reflected trees on in the upper right.
I am going to make another one for Shelia Klinker
the Representative for Tippecanoe county.
She really like it . I need to make more of
this style, I find that people like trees and
water just like I do. The most asked question
was. Can I touch them. Yes you can that is
what fiber is about. 
I love when people can have a piece of art in
their homes and enjoy something tactile.
The constructive criticism was great too.
They gave me so many ideas. Ideas that will
have to wait until July.
 I am going to get to keep my favorite painting by
Dana Zier I just have to make her a reflective
art quilt of flowers reflected in water. We are
just trading art. I will get to try something new
flowers and water. That should be interesting.
Now to get ready for Sunday dinner tomorrow.
Craig requested a family dinner before they go
back to North Carolina. Ham, chicken roasted
new potatoes, asparagus, corn, salad and
pies for dessert. Yum should be good.
Little Tommy found one of my small art quilts
in progress. I had stippled around the center
motif and he though it was a treasure map.
How cute but it gives me an idea for his
Christmas present. Must find things with
treasure maps.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring is catching up.

 The pond is sparking and clean for another season,
 The Kirea are blooming in the woods and the
Stella Dora day lilies are starting to bloom.
This has been a week of cooking and cleaning.
I have cubed 3 watermelons, cut up 6 stalks of celery,
5 cucumbers, cut green grapes into small bunches
and I have a ton of food for tonight's opening.
Than Sunday dinner for the family to spend one
more day with Craig, Lauren and Tommy before
they head back to North Carolina.
I promised him apple pie.Then I will
need to get ready for Minnesota and the
painters that will be here while we are gone.
Must get 10 gallons of paint. It is nice to know
that there will be people here taking care of things
while we are gone. We will come home to a
freshly painted house, carpets cleaned and cabinets
polished. Almost feel sorry for the house sitter.
I will try and take some pictures of tonight's
event if I remember.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Road through the pines.

This is my favorite painting in our show.
I just love this . I love pine trees.
My friend Dana is such a talented artist.
Yesterday was another busy day. My cousin
from Minnesota came for supper to tell us
what we can expect when we use their house
in Minnesota. I am so appreciative to be able
to stay in their lakeside home and spend time
with our kids. I sent her home with a big art
quilt for her home.  Just a little thank-you.
Today our grandson, his wife and Tommy will
be here for lunch. I am going to make meatballs
mac n cheese, salads and a fruit plate.
Than after lunch greatgrandpa , grandpa,
and his dad will take Tommy fishing in the pond.
What fun. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wild Horses

 The past week was a busy one.
Yard work, sorting out the house.
I thought I would show you some more of the
Harmony show. Dana's horses are between my
Minnesota art quilts and I could not resist taking
a close-up of one ob Bonnie's junk pieces.
She is amazing in putting together pieces of art
from nature materials and old junk and making it
look fabulous. I have a cousin from Minnesota coming
to town this week, my grandson and family from
North Carolina and another cousin from Idaho.
Friday of this week is the Gallery Walk reception
for our show in Lafayette, In. So another busy week.
My grand daughter and her friend got all the
winter fallen branches picked up Saturday.
Two pick-up loads of branches.
I am part of an exchange of 12 inch art quilts
so last night I spent some time in prep for those.
I plan to do the hand stitching on the way to
Minnesota in June. Got my house sitter lined up,
the painters and need to schedule the carpet cleaners.
The house will be busy while I am gone.
My sister from Arkansas will be here also.
I will be sorry to miss her.
Well it is time to start the day.
Have a good one.