Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring is catching up.

 The pond is sparking and clean for another season,
 The Kirea are blooming in the woods and the
Stella Dora day lilies are starting to bloom.
This has been a week of cooking and cleaning.
I have cubed 3 watermelons, cut up 6 stalks of celery,
5 cucumbers, cut green grapes into small bunches
and I have a ton of food for tonight's opening.
Than Sunday dinner for the family to spend one
more day with Craig, Lauren and Tommy before
they head back to North Carolina.
I promised him apple pie.Then I will
need to get ready for Minnesota and the
painters that will be here while we are gone.
Must get 10 gallons of paint. It is nice to know
that there will be people here taking care of things
while we are gone. We will come home to a
freshly painted house, carpets cleaned and cabinets
polished. Almost feel sorry for the house sitter.
I will try and take some pictures of tonight's
event if I remember.

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