Saturday, October 13, 2012

Northern Lights

This is a quilt I made this summer called
Northern Lights.
It has found a new home .
Well surgery is done and I am ready to
get rehab over with and get back to quilting.
I think I will make some quilt cards today.
The Christmas open house will be here before
I know it.
The Saturday before Thanksgiving and the
Saturday after.
Have a great Saturday all

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Indiana roadside

 Love fall in Indiana.
the winding stream, the color of the trees.
The windmill standing tall against the fall sky.
Whats not to like.
Yesterday my grandson helped empty the flower pots
and put all the containers upside down under the big pine.
Another summer come and gone.
He is such a good helper.
Spending his fall break with granny.
Almost 8 hours of yard clean-up.
I sent him back to the university with a
big bag of groceries and a cooler bag of
homemade meals plus the left over
sloppy joes and homemade cherry pie,
and a hefty check for his college bills.
Wednesday I will have knee surgery so
maybe I will be off line for a couple of days.
Time will tell.
Today I will give the house one last cleaning
do the laundry and sit and read a book for awhile.
As ready as I can be.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A beautiful sunny day.

 Today is sunny and perfect.
Just a day to spend quietly at home.
With my husband.
Maybe later I will go out and shot some more photos,
read a book and just relax.
Have a good one.