Friday, May 2, 2014

Back or Front

One interesting point in my Dunnewold class.
Which is better the front or the back?
I could see using both on this fabric.
It started out with hot pink in the pattern.
The color remover did not effect the print at all.
Over dyeing with teal did improve the fabric.
Jane said to pick out a color in the print to
use for the over dye. The teal was good.
One of the interesting things I learned.
Today I bring two quilts to Indianapolis for
a member show  for the Hoosier Salon.
Hope they like mine enough to keep them
for the show otherwise another trip to Indy.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


 I joined a group of 30 artist on face book that create
collages out of junk mail. Now you know how much
junk mail you get. Plus catalogs. so there is plenty
of material to work with. The top one is called
Rise and Shine.
The other one is called
Life Story.
I am getting quilts ready to ship to shows,
amazing how they sometimes need repairs to
continue their commute.
Today's go to Columbus, Ohio.
Tomorrow's to Indianapolis.
Well off to work.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Surface Design

 I am finally feeling up to working in the studio.
It took a few days to calm the BPV down.
Going to a class and traveling causes headaches
and nausea for a few days.
I thought I would show you some more of
the fabrics I worked  on  in the class.
 I really like  the silver with turquoise.
Something I will use more often.
I sent Dana' quilt off to Montana today
I will send two quilts to the Ross Museum tomorrow.
Than have to deliver two more to Indianapolis
for the Hoosier Salon show.
Always something to do.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Surface Design

I am finally getting my act back together.
My various heath issues made the class difficult but
I would not have missed it for anything.
I learned so much. I just hope I wasn't a drag
on the rest of the class. My daughter said she
kept expecting a call to rescue me.
I think in the future a one day class is all I
should manage considering.
Sorry for not posting much last week.
 These are two of my altered pieces off fabric.
 I used this fabric below which I put in Rit color remover
than over dyed with olive. Than the fabric was layered
 textile paints both opaque and transparent.  I  than
used screens and added another layer to the fabric.
I will show you tomorrow the last layers.
If you are ever able to take Jane Dunnewold's
class do she is an awesome teacher.