Monday, April 28, 2014

Surface Design

I am finally getting my act back together.
My various heath issues made the class difficult but
I would not have missed it for anything.
I learned so much. I just hope I wasn't a drag
on the rest of the class. My daughter said she
kept expecting a call to rescue me.
I think in the future a one day class is all I
should manage considering.
Sorry for not posting much last week.
 These are two of my altered pieces off fabric.
 I used this fabric below which I put in Rit color remover
than over dyed with olive. Than the fabric was layered
 textile paints both opaque and transparent.  I  than
used screens and added another layer to the fabric.
I will show you tomorrow the last layers.
If you are ever able to take Jane Dunnewold's
class do she is an awesome teacher.

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