Saturday, July 20, 2013

Work in progress

A new style for me.
Thursday Nancy come to spend the day with me
in my studio. I had read Jean Wells books
and was ready to branch off into a new
direction. I love the Kaffee Fasset Lotus fabric.
Using that as a starting point I choose several
fabrics from my stash and in my usual style
I was off and running. I wasn't much company
for Nancy as I quickly became obsessed
with my new project.  Hopefully she still
enjoyed her visit. It is not usual for me to
invite people into my space but we seem
to mellow out with each other. She made
several helpful suggestion giving me some new
directions I could take my piece.
We had a nice lunch with a tomato, basil,onion
pizza, salad, fruit and glorious lemon
cookies from Bit of Swiss a awesome
bakery in St Joseph Michigan.
My husband picked some sweet corn for her
to take home along with a dozen of the
fresh eggs from his pet chickens.
Another day in the Summer of 2013.
It is turning into a very good year.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July

 I had a spare morning and started on my stocking
stuffers. I am making hot pads for the ladies.
Nice thick hot pads. A little bit of art for the
table. I would like to keep them myself but
I need 12 pairs of them for the stockings.
 I really like the touch of color in this one.
I think my family and friends will find
this a useful gift. I also bought hand made
scented soap in Minnesota. I will be making
salsa this summer also. I found some bright
colored bowl scrapers in Minnesota too.
Now to start on the men's stocking.
Maybe salsa too?
Always harder to be original.
One more hot day and a cool off.
Always hot for fair week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Down by the big pond.

A few years ago I saved flower seed and for
2 years than I sowed them on the bank of the pond.
It was hard to get them to grow on the sandy
pond bank but they grew. Now I get to enjoy them
at least the ones that survive my husband's
riding lawn mower. He thinks all flowers are weeds.
So I am grateful for those that do get to bloom.
Yesterday was a busy one. My grandson worked
out in the yard while I finished straightening the
studio up. I spent the first 5 months of the year
preparing for my show than left everything
laying and went off to Minnesota for the month
of June. Now I finally got time to pick up.
Just in time I have a friend coming Thursday
to play in the studio with me.
Looking forward to the company.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer time

My flower gardens are in overdrive.
The are bursting with blooms. The sun is shinning.
The weather is so nice. I am going to veg out today 
spending it in my studio. I follow Lynn's blog and
all her reorganizing has got me going too. I have
been gradually sorting as time permits and am
getting more organized.  
I ordered a new silk screen from Sherrill Kahn
and am disappointed that blue painter tape is
used to secure it. Just a few uses will have that
tape falling off and I will have to replace it
with duck tape. Well have yourself a quiet Sunday.