Friday, November 20, 2015

New work

 I finished a new small house quilt for a show in January.
I also finally got started on a quilt for the IMA in
Indianapolis due January 4th.
Morning Glories.
 I took photos in my garden in September and arranged
them in a way I liked.
Than I made my sketch to follow.
Today I will build leaves and flowers.
The beginning of a new project.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Inspired by nature

 Thought I would show you what inspired me when
I do an art quilt. Usually the finished quilt does not
look exactly like my photo.
I take photographs constantly to record nature that
catches  my eye. When I decide to make a new
piece of art I browse through my photos for ideas.
I like the snow bird better on evergreen branches
than on the wooded branch even though they
really like to perch on branches not the pines.
I am working on a new quilt for an entry into the
SAQA show to be held at the IMA in Indianapolis.
Background squares are sewn now to cut to size.
Than I plan to put morning glories on the foreground.
I will take some photos to share.
Well off to the studio.
I have not been in the studio much lately.
Need to correct that.