Monday, April 11, 2011

The finished Art Quilts

I added the final touches Saturday night.
Artfabriks lovely hand dyed threads were the frosting on the top.
I will feature the 2 larger ones along side the paintings that inspired them.
Now I need to price them.
I am new to this and would appreciate some suggestions.

Yellow Barns.

Fall in the country.
Now I need to take a day and take stock.
I have several shows this summer.
Walk through the Woods
Jasper County Rivers & Woods
Chesterton Women's Show
The Art Barns Show.
Jasper County Art Leagues "Trees"
Now to decide which works go where.
Than this summer I need to try again to create
something worthy of the Muenster Show.
Maybe the forth try will work.
My goal is to get in this year.


  1. These are GORGEOUS! What is the size of each one?

  2. You say you're new at this? They are beautiful!

  3. These are beautiful, I really love Yellow Barns!

  4. Wow!! These are just gorgeous!!!

  5. Stunning and lovely interpretation of the world around you. Awesome!