Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday morning sunbeams.

 Last nights fiber meeting was nice. It is so refreshing
to meet with artistic people. We have such talented
people in our fiber group. They are worth the
hour drive down I-65 at 70 miles per hour  with
the semis driving like madmen. I am always thankful
when I arrive safely home.
Today I am meeting my friend Doris for lunch.
we have not spent much time together this year.
I need to change that.
Taking time for people is important
Especially 92 years old friends.
Saturday is the SAQA studio at my studio.
Another fun day.
Well have a great day and keep safe.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

For the birds

 Spent some time cleaning out the bird feeder this
morning and refilled everything. It is nice so see the
winter birds back.
 Even the sparrows .
Today is the FibR meeting in Lafayette,
I will go early to shop than have supper with
Brad and Brent at the Red7.
It will be nice to have some conversations with
them again . I am making collagesdChristmas
cards of our Summer vacation  for a surprise
this year. It was fun this morning to look through
the photos and remember the fun we had in June.
I think this will be a good memento for all.
I have to make 16 of them.
Well I had better finished picking up the house.
Yesterday I had the bedroom carpets cleaned
and they look really good I think I will pass
on replacing the carpet. We should get a few
more years on them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snow before Thanksgiving

 We had our first snow thanks to Lake Michigan.
Thank goodness it was just a dusting. Should be gone
Thursday. I have been busy cleaning and shopping
I try and have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving.
Hate going to the stores with all the crowds.
The carpet cleaner will be here this morning to do the
bedrooms I think next spring we will need to replace
the carpet. One more cleaning. I will finally get down
 to the studio this morning. I have all day to mess around
in the studio. Sad to say from now to Christmas there
is not a lot of Studio time. The Holidays get in the way.
I still need to do my Christmas cards. This year I will
do collages. I got a pack of 40 watercolor cards to use
as bases for the collages. Makes my life simple.
Well I am off to the Studio.
Have A Great day

Monday, November 11, 2013


Our art league is having a photography show.
So I went to my photos to see what I could submit.
I found these water images from our trip to
Minnesota this past June.
I love the images I think they would make
great paintings too.
 Spent a lazy weekend reading and relaxing/
A perfect weekend.
We are supposed to get some snow tonight
Hopefully not too much.
The guys are getting their snow plowing equipment
ready just in case. Seem a little early. 
I need to finish cleaning my bedroom than after
lunch it off to the studio I haven't been there much.
Time to change this.