Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall in art quilt close ups.

 Finally the trees are starting to change colors.
Usually by now the trees are bare.
Wednesday I pick up my quilts from the Solo show
in Chesterton. Than I sort to bring some to Delphi. 
 The holiday season is about to start.
It will be a marathon until Christmas.
I have given up sugar and white foods.
The holidays will be hard this year.
Need to get my sugar under control.
Looking forward to January to start 2017
art quilts.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The farm in fall.

 This past week and yesterday I left the farm to
go to Shipshewana Thursday and Indy Saturday.
Boy am I glad to be back on the farm.
I would not do well in the city.
Plus with 3 UTI infections in the past 30 days
I was tired but could not get out of going.
 At the Indiana SAQA meeting I got a lot of useful
information and saw some awesome quilts.
Being exposed to other artist is so important.
Seeing another way to do something
helps me grow as an artist.
The Indiana SAQA group is so talented.
Looking to the next quarter meeting.
 I am glad I pushed myself even though I spent
Sunday quietly resting.