Saturday, March 23, 2013

Autumn Hills

 I started to cut the trees for the next quilts.
I  use photographs to plan how the quilt will
progress. I will stitch the backgrounds and
than add the foreground. These 2 will have
orange and gold trees in them also.
I will finish yesterdays quilt with lots of hand
stitching than I will go on to the 2 new ones.
I should be able to finish all 3 with their backing
and hanging pockets by Friday. I plan to finish
the backing and pocket on Wolf River next week
also. Than I have to decide whether to take
time out to make some clay birds and fish
or do more quilting. I also could make a painting
to compliment one of my art quilts.
But first need to pay attention to the storm.
We will get anywhere form 3 to 7 inches.
Maybe another snow dyeing chance.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pine Field.

 I had a productive day in the studio today.
Another landscape quilt for our show in May.
In Harmony With Nature IV.
This is what the studio looks like after a busy day.
Laura Wasolowski asked how often do you clean
your studio. As you can see not often enough.
I feel maybe straightening up every other week or
after a big project is enough. That means my studio
will not be cleaned until May 5th.
Well we are supposed to get the bulls eye of the
new storm so I should be snowed in for a
couple of days. Plenty of time to create.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My new toy

 My new Janome Horizon. I so like this machine.
Tommy Fitzsimmons keeps raving about the Janome
So I went to Laporte and checked it out. I went there
to get my Viking fixed and played with this machine
while I waited.(yes a repairman that fixes it while you wait)
I went back home and had the brillant thought maybe
 he would trade. He does and gave me a great price,
now to learn a new machine. No more snarls on
 the back of my quilts. Here is my design board with
3 new landscaped quilts blocked in. Yesterday I
stitched the skies on them. Today I will start on
backgrounds. I hate to change thread so I do
an assembly line process on the base than
start adding features later. 3 days with no
appointments so plenty of time in the studio.
These 3 can hang together as a group in
the show in May. I used fabrics from Moonstruck
and Wolf River so they will harmonize on
the gallery walls. It is finally coming together.
I will have a decent showing for the gallery.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Busy Day

This is one of my favorite paintings and I am keeping
this one. Thought I would share it with you. Today
my husband took me to get the second series of shots
 in my knees. I was surprised he drove me. My daughter
said if he didn't start helping she was going to have a
talk with him. I wonder if she did. It is hard to drive
 after getting injections in both knees. Just one more
 series of shot next week and than the wait
 for 6 weeks to see if it worked.
Than we went to LaPorte and traded in my sewing
machine for a new Janome machine. It works like
a  dream. It is so quiet and smooth.  I look
forward to cleaner looking quilts.
Wednesday is another day of going up north.
Than I can work in the studio for 3 days.
I blocked in 3 more landscape quilts.
Looking forward to getting started on them.

Monday, March 18, 2013

NO boat.

My husband was right it did need something
else but not a sunken boat. The cat tails
fit the space and add that something needed.
Just a few more to add and move on to the
hand stitching. I get the feeling I will be
 working on this one until the end.
Yesterday was a pleasant interlude.
Eat -sleep- quilt a little and read a lot.
I started a new James Patterson book.
Almost done with it I cannot put his books down.
Six week until our show. I just need to
remain clam and keep on sewing.
I decided to trade in my sewing machine
for a Janome Horizon.  Time for a little
more finesse. I would love a sweet sixteen
but the cost is too much for a fixed income.
Have to think about that one more.
Maybe I could find a used one.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The last blooms of winter

 My last amaryllis are blooming and are awesome.
My daughter gave me a box of bulbs for my birthday
in September and I have enjoyed their blooms all
winter. I think I will need to add to my collection
this year. Have yourself a quiet and restful Sunday.
I am cooking corned beef, potatoes and cabbage for
lunch to go along with the pineapple upside down cake
I made Saturday.  Than I will spend the day reading.