Thursday, March 21, 2013

My new toy

 My new Janome Horizon. I so like this machine.
Tommy Fitzsimmons keeps raving about the Janome
So I went to Laporte and checked it out. I went there
to get my Viking fixed and played with this machine
while I waited.(yes a repairman that fixes it while you wait)
I went back home and had the brillant thought maybe
 he would trade. He does and gave me a great price,
now to learn a new machine. No more snarls on
 the back of my quilts. Here is my design board with
3 new landscaped quilts blocked in. Yesterday I
stitched the skies on them. Today I will start on
backgrounds. I hate to change thread so I do
an assembly line process on the base than
start adding features later. 3 days with no
appointments so plenty of time in the studio.
These 3 can hang together as a group in
the show in May. I used fabrics from Moonstruck
and Wolf River so they will harmonize on
the gallery walls. It is finally coming together.
I will have a decent showing for the gallery.

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