Saturday, September 14, 2013

Birds around the farm.

 I love  watching the birds around the house and pond.
The crows are really aggressive they have found the
watermelons in the garden poking holes in them.
Such a waste.
I love my watermelons.
 The pond attracts so many birds.
Ducks, herons, doves, crows to name a few.
All the critters inspire me to create art.
I am blessed to live in such a lively environment
full of things to photograph.
It will soon be time for the Sand Hill Cranes to start
Barb Lucas took this photo she is the wildlife
photographer who I will have a show with next
October. Her photos will be features in my quilts.
We will be a great combination.
I feel honored to be able to use her photos.
Well I need to get busy.
Today is potato day my husband peeled 2 big
pots of potatoes from the garden. I will make potato
soup and scalloped potato casseroles for the freezer.
That way I take a container out at lunch time and
go to the studio to play and heat it up at supper.
A winner.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Trees Trees and more Trees

 I just love trees for some reason.
Especially pine trees.
They smell so good.
They stay green all year.
Whats not to like.
 In winter I love the branches.
I think of them as the skeleton of the tree.
Holding up all those leaves in the summer.
 Bark on trees is so interesting.
Cut Wood.
Piles of cut wood stacked against the neighbor's fence.
SO many art quilts can be made  with trees.
IF ONLY I could get better enough to get
Maybe Saturday.
Today is a Cat scan to fine my stomach problem.
Get is done with and back to the STUDIO.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flowers Fabric and Fun

 I thought these colors are so cheerful.
My daughter and I found this dahlia farm in SW Michigan
on a trip we took together. My daughter loves coral.
I can see why now.
I haven't been in the studio since Friday.
I crashed on Saturday and haven't had the energy since.
 Today I will try and get myself started again.
What better way than with fabric and flowers.
Doesn't take much to keep a quilter happy.
I must first print some copies of these flowers
to take to the studio with me.
Great inspiration.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Minnesota Prairie is recieving an award

I received an E-mail today that I will receive a award
for my Quilt Minnesota Prairie Sunday. They wanted
to make sure I would be there.This is the same one
that the judge at the local fair gave a red ribbon.
The Salon Show is a fine art show. I feel blessed
to get an award for fiber art.
I spent another day lounging around trying to
let the double antibiotics do their job.
I am too weak to do anything anyway.
I actually watched a movie this afternoon
I must try that more often.
A good winter pass time.