Saturday, September 14, 2013

Birds around the farm.

 I love  watching the birds around the house and pond.
The crows are really aggressive they have found the
watermelons in the garden poking holes in them.
Such a waste.
I love my watermelons.
 The pond attracts so many birds.
Ducks, herons, doves, crows to name a few.
All the critters inspire me to create art.
I am blessed to live in such a lively environment
full of things to photograph.
It will soon be time for the Sand Hill Cranes to start
Barb Lucas took this photo she is the wildlife
photographer who I will have a show with next
October. Her photos will be features in my quilts.
We will be a great combination.
I feel honored to be able to use her photos.
Well I need to get busy.
Today is potato day my husband peeled 2 big
pots of potatoes from the garden. I will make potato
soup and scalloped potato casseroles for the freezer.
That way I take a container out at lunch time and
go to the studio to play and heat it up at supper.
A winner.

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