Thursday, August 27, 2015

August draws to a end.

 The Donatello Ligularis are blooming.
They have beautiful leaves but the blooming part
is not so ice. The bud is interesting though.
Especially close up. 
Looking back on my series of Lake Michigan I like 
how they turned out.  Anything to do with water 
pleases me. Even my little dug pond in the back
yard  and the koi pond(with no koi in it) by the
kitchen door.  The sound of the waterfall is so
relaxing. I am enjoying the slower pace this week.
It has been a busy year.
Looking forward to a quiet fall and winter.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lake view.

 This is what the view from Tommy's house
looks like at sunset. Living on the water is special.
Even though we only have a small dug pond
it gives us a taste of water views.
 I submitted two pieces to the Salon Show and
they only took the Wolf River quilt.
The Red Chairs quilt will be able to go somewhere
else. That means I will not have to make another
larger quilt. So glad the competition season is
winding down. This has been quite the year,
That means 2016 is going to be smooth. Right?
Just cut up 7 pieces of fabric to wash in prep 
for dyeing. I am going to attempt making 3 
whole cloth quilt pieces.
Also over dyeing some commercial fabric.
Tomorrow I will get on it.
In the mean time  Tuesday is my appointment with
Kim. An hour and half of deep muscle massage.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yesterday at the lake.

 Tommy invited us to her place on the Lake to spend
some time getting acquainted. We had met online 
and exchanged  12 x 12 quilts in the past.
I could only stay for the day but regretted having
to leave. I was exhausted after this week.
I missed a lot of calming lake breezes.
 There can never be enough show and tell among
quilters. Gayle showed us some of her work .
Love the colors in this one. She dyed the fabrics.
Looking forward to doing some dyeing this week.
 I love the piecing in this one.
I look much smaller when looking at my feet.
After seeing the photo at the Bridges for lunch
this lady needs to loose a LOT of weight.
 Another project underway.
 Love the color ways of this one.
The Hexes on the horse quilt are small.
But so are her hands.
Robbie loves to do hand work.
 A gorgeous  quilt using Tyvek. Great colors.
I got home last night and told my husband I 
was not going anywhere today. I even turned
him down for lunch at his favorite restaurant.
I must be crazy.
Hopefully Tommy will invite us back again
when my life is calmer.