Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lake view.

 This is what the view from Tommy's house
looks like at sunset. Living on the water is special.
Even though we only have a small dug pond
it gives us a taste of water views.
 I submitted two pieces to the Salon Show and
they only took the Wolf River quilt.
The Red Chairs quilt will be able to go somewhere
else. That means I will not have to make another
larger quilt. So glad the competition season is
winding down. This has been quite the year,
That means 2016 is going to be smooth. Right?
Just cut up 7 pieces of fabric to wash in prep 
for dyeing. I am going to attempt making 3 
whole cloth quilt pieces.
Also over dyeing some commercial fabric.
Tomorrow I will get on it.
In the mean time  Tuesday is my appointment with
Kim. An hour and half of deep muscle massage.

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