Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planting a garden.

Time to spruce up the sun room.
We spend most of time out there.
Thought it needed some green growing things.
Time to get rid of the last of Christmas.

 Found a basket in the attic.
 Lined it with a garbage bag folded 3 times.
   Added some potting soil.
 Instant garden for the top of the TV cabinet.
 I found the bird house in the attic too.
Whenever I need something I go to to attic.
Better than a store & free.
I turned the top upside down for a planter.
 Lined it with a dishtowel & plastic.
 Instant roof top garden.
I just love green plants.

 Added some birds to the cage. They look better outside the cage.
Looks a little neater. A new vista to look at while watching the tube.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Studio remake done.

One advantage of waking up at 4 am.
You can get something done.
Since I will have a house guest for 2 to 3 months
I moved all my sewing and mixed media into an open area.
And out of the guest bedroom
I even like the new location better.
Better views to watch spring unfold.
My grandson got home from the hospital last night.
He will need 3 months recovery time.
Good thing his mother is a 25 year nurse with experience.
Falling asleep at the wheel going 45mph and meeting a tree.
Does do some damage but it will heal.
Now I can concentrate on creating again.
 A good place to clean up my mess each day.
      A cleared cutting table/paint station.

My sewing area greatly condensed.
The view is great out the windows.
I will enjoy creating in this space.
   The mixed media area with everything at hand.
 A nice U shape area to work in.

I love these carts from Sam's.
They are perfect for a mobile supply carrier.
Holds my brushes, paints and mediums.

Now to get to work and get lost in the journey of making art.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Southern Indiana Garden

This beautiful garden is in southern Indiana.
The owner retired from business and took 45 acres
and created the most beautiful gardens.
He shares it with the public.
I took my grand daughter Holly with me for a  June get away.
In exchange for her putting up with my garden tour.
She got to go to the Louisville Zoo.
Her fav spot was the reptile house.
I hate snakes  and it turns out she loves them.