Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planting a garden.

Time to spruce up the sun room.
We spend most of time out there.
Thought it needed some green growing things.
Time to get rid of the last of Christmas.

 Found a basket in the attic.
 Lined it with a garbage bag folded 3 times.
   Added some potting soil.
 Instant garden for the top of the TV cabinet.
 I found the bird house in the attic too.
Whenever I need something I go to to attic.
Better than a store & free.
I turned the top upside down for a planter.
 Lined it with a dishtowel & plastic.
 Instant roof top garden.
I just love green plants.

 Added some birds to the cage. They look better outside the cage.
Looks a little neater. A new vista to look at while watching the tube.

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