Saturday, September 29, 2012

Color everwhere

 I took some time to walk around the yard
There was color everywhere.
Love the shades of fall.
the crimson of the sumac,
the purple of the asters
and the oranges of the leaves.
Color is exploding around me.
Today I will finish setting up the dye studio
after the plumber sets up the sink.
Than I will make lots of colors appear on fabric.

Friday, September 28, 2012

New fabric

Look at all the colors.
A chair full of fabric.
My box from came yesterday.
Almost as good as Christmas.
More fabric for the stash.
I am going to do a class with Nancy Crow in December.
Here are 59 of the solid fabrics I will need for the class.
Now I need to get busy dyeing the rest.
She asks for 80 to 100 pieces.
Plus black, white, greys and off whites.
My new sink goes in the furnace room Saturday.
How exciting to get a call from the plumber
that they finally have time to come.
Now I can make a mess without worrying bout the carpets.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Studio time.

 Well the work space is finally cleaned for the fall.
It was a mess.
Now maybe I will get busy creating something.
I already cut out a baby girl quilt yesterday.
Now to put it together.
I am so glad I found the Kola cabinet on Craig's list.
For $300 it was a steal.
Makes sewing a dream.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Past glories.

 I was looking through some past photos and found these.
Sometimes you find something special in the garden.
A perfect flower,
A pot of flowers,
Something that turned out just right.
Here are two examples.
Not everything in life is perfect
So grab onto the few times nature gets it right.
I will finish cleaning the studio this morning
than hopefully get back to creating.
Seems like it was 3 months ago that i got
interrupted by life.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Spent the day with family today.
We celebrated the birthdays from August to November.
We get so busy we don"t stop and enjoy
each others company often enough.
Today was filled with good food.
Family and football on the big screen.
I had to pull my husband out of the recliner.
He would have stayed all day.
I came home and sorted out
my fabric and ended up with 2 empty shelves.
This will be the space to accumulate the fabrics
for the Nancy Crow workshop I am taking in December.
Of course I was told today December in Muskegon
it will be dicey if they can hold the workshop.
One of the snowiest places around.
Must be why they are offering a full refund in case of weather.