Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fresh fall air.

                   It was a day to ramble around the yard today.
                   Been so busy this week it felt good to enjoy
                   the crisp cool weather. Found a tree trunk
                   that was interesting and last years leaves.
                   Enjoy a quiet week-end and be ready for
                   a new week. Keep safe and smile.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The back way to town.

                  The last two days I have been busy.
                   Wednesday I mixed 9 batches of glaze
                   2 of them doubles. Each batch is 2.5 gallons.
                   Than on Thursday I  double dipped
                   52 pots in the glazes for a green finish the
                   only thing left is to fire them and put in
                   the dried fall arrangements for the brunch
                   in October. Today I slept late than took a
                   nap. Tonight is the opening of my friends
                   show Harmony in Nature. Last night in
                   the middle of the night I placed an order
                   with Artfabrik for lots of thread so I can
                   finish my newest art quilt. Back to fabric.
                   A much softer friendly craft.

                       On the way to Rensselaer I took the back way.
                       Could not resist taking photos of the changing fields.
                       I just love the country life. Life is good

Monday, September 12, 2011

A sunny Monday.

                               The gold fish really stood out in the pond
                                bright orange and the water is so clear.
                                Butterflies continue to devour the sedums.
                                Loaded the last load into the kiln to bisque.
                                Wednesday I will help at the college making
                                 glazes in return they will fire all 50 of my
                                 containers saving me a weeks worth of work.
                                 I can get back to quilting than. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A day of memory for 9-11

A day to contemplate the horror we saw unfold on our televisions
as the planes crashed into the towers.  Our heart go out to the people who lost friends and relatives that day.
I will keep you all in my thought and prayers today.
I am sure we all remember what we were doing
on that day at that time. I forget a lot of things these
days but never that day.