Friday, September 16, 2011

The back way to town.

                  The last two days I have been busy.
                   Wednesday I mixed 9 batches of glaze
                   2 of them doubles. Each batch is 2.5 gallons.
                   Than on Thursday I  double dipped
                   52 pots in the glazes for a green finish the
                   only thing left is to fire them and put in
                   the dried fall arrangements for the brunch
                   in October. Today I slept late than took a
                   nap. Tonight is the opening of my friends
                   show Harmony in Nature. Last night in
                   the middle of the night I placed an order
                   with Artfabrik for lots of thread so I can
                   finish my newest art quilt. Back to fabric.
                   A much softer friendly craft.

                       On the way to Rensselaer I took the back way.
                       Could not resist taking photos of the changing fields.
                       I just love the country life. Life is good

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