Friday, July 4, 2014

Water everywhere

 Happy 4th of July everyone.
I love summer and I love water,
Rocks and the shore.
 Reflections in the water,
Blue skies reflected in the water.
Love   Love   Love.
Hope everyone has a safe 4th of July.
I am going to plant some flower seed.
Rope shibori some fabric and just have fun.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 Took off to Michigan on short notice to retrieve
some art quilts. We had breakfast at Ida Red's this
morning. My husband's favorite.
Bought 4 pieces of rope to try the dye method
I saw at Cathy Franks last Saturday.
Sauguauck- Douglas is a unique area /
More about that later.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Some art from the SAQA meeting.

 This beautiful work is by Cathy Franks.
She started with black fabric, wrapped it around
a rope and tightly bound the edges with string.
Discharged in bleach than over dyed.
 This is another piece by Cathy.
Discharged than over dyed and thread stitched.
 I loved the photos of the grain leg and elevator on
this rust dyed fabric. Nicely done.
This was hanging in Cathy's living room.
I really like how she just hangs spectacular
pieces of cloth from rods.
The beauty of the piece stands for itself.
I bought some string and will look for a
thick piece of rope. I want to try my hand
at this method. I loved the effect.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

BUSY week

I finished the week off with a SAQA Indiana group
meeting at Cathy Franks house. Lovely wooded setting
 for a really nice house and studio.
We shared some techniques, ate lunch and
 Cathy showed us her studio.
I have a feeling she busted her ---- cleaning everything.
Cathy is a very talented artist.
I will show you some of her pieces tomorrow.
 Thanks to Linda Eller for driving me to Indianapolis,
I really enjoyed the meeting

Cathy like all of us fiber artist has a nice collection of
fabric, books and threads.
 I could just visit for a week and read through her bookshelves.
So organized and neat, my things are spread all over
my house. Maybe some day I will be neat.